Avanir recognizes that our success is driven by attracting and retaining great talent.  To do so, Avanir is committed to providing a progressive and competitive benefit program that is responsive to all of our employees by providing multiple benefit options that support individual and family's needs.  Each year, Avanir thoroughly evaluates its comprehensive benefit offerings to ensure employees continue to have access to quality care at competitive rates.

The key objectives of our benefit program are:

  • Offering flexible benefit choices to meet the diverse needs of our employees
  • Control the increasing costs of benefits, yet maximizing the benefit offerings
  • Providing financial protection to employees against rising health care costs and the loss of income due to disability
  • Having a benefit program that acts as a competitive tool to attract and retain great talent

The following information provides an overview of the Avanir Benefit Program highlighting many of the benefit offerings made available to Avanir employees. 

Health and Wellness

Avanir is committed to making available to all employees a comprehensive benefits program that provides a variety of options to meet the health care needs for themselves and their families.  Avanir offers a choice of PPO plans and an HMO option through a major national health insurance plan, as well as a number of other programs through highly-reputable, national providers to help promote the health and well-being of each employee and their families including dental and vision coverage, prescription drug services, and access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides counseling referrals and crisis counseling.

Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Avanir makes available for employees to participate in the contribution towards Flexible Spending Accounts (“FSA”) for both Health Care and/or Dependent Care related expenses. FSA’s offer employees the opportunity to save money by allowing employees to set aside pre-tax money to pay for eligible out-of-pocket Health Care and/or Dependent Care expenses that employees and their families may incur throughout the year.


Avanir appreciates the need for a “time-out” and providing opportunities for employees to “regenerate” through its generous paid-time off program.   Avanir recognizes the importance of a paid-time off program in contributing to the overall health and well-being of all of its team members while promoting the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.  Avanir paid-time off program includes an accrued vacation program, sick time leave, a series of paid-holidays, and other benefits that contribute to the overall program.

Disability Coverage and Life Insurance

Avanir provides employees and families with protection from the unexpected through Company-paid disability benefits and basic life insurance.  Employees have the option to supplement these Company-paid benefits with enhanced disability, life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage.

Preparing for Retirement and Savings

Avanir offers a competitive retirement benefits program that provides employees with the opportunity to build retirement assets and help them prepare towards a financially secured future.  Program includes:

  • A 401(k) retirement and savings plan that allows for tax-deferred contributions towards retirement.
  • Section 529 College Savings Account - With rising tuition costs, saving for your children's college education may sometimes seem overwhelming.  Enrolling in a 529 savings plan allows for special tax benefits in contributing towards your children's education for the future. 

NOTE:  The benefits outlined on this page are a general description of the Company's benefits program. These benefits are subject to change or termination at any time and may vary according to location of residence. To the extent any statements above are inconsistent with the controlling plan or program documents, the terms of the applicable plan or program will prevail.