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Block 4 - Job Block

Unlock the future of CNS treatment

Join our team of Innovators

Avanir employees are a diverse team of dedicated, accomplished professionals united by a common purpose: striving to make a change by developing innovative treatments for central nervous system (CNS) conditions.

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Join our team of Innovators

Delivering Innovation

Delivering Innovation

Addressing unmet Needs

We believe in serving patients, caretakers and prescribers by developing innovative treatments that seek to address the unmet medical needs of people with central nervous system disorders.

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Block 2 - Nuedexta Block



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NUEDEXTA® Pseudobulbar Affect
Block 3 - Novel Treatments

Pipeline of Ingenuity

Creating novel Treatments

Our singular focus fuels our pipeline. Through constant innovation, we continuously develop solutions for patients suffering from difficult, complicated disorders of the brain.

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Pipeline of Ingenuity

Science and Responsibilities

Values lead to Commitments

Commitments lead to Action

In our quest to deliver life-changing central nervous system treatments for areas of high unmet need, Avanir strives to act responsibly and ethically in everything that we do.

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Values lead to Commitments

Committed to Research

Driven by Purpose

Our scientific excellence, knowledge of brain chemistry and function, and passion for our work enable us to deliver on our mission where others have failed or overlooked opportunity.

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Committed to Research